Tell us your story: How did the truth find you?

I found myself asking the question, “Why haven’t we returned to the Moon in almost fifty years?” A bit of research on this topic is all it took to lead me to the realization that NASA is lying. I found answers like, “we lost the technology required to go to the moon”, “its too expensive”, “we are concentrating on other goals”. This got me started down the rabbit hole. When I say that, I mean illuminati, nephilim, 911, Sandy Hook… the whole lie. Not just part of it.

9 thoughts on “Tell us your story: How did the truth find you?

  1. I have alway thought things werent as they seemed. And. 20 years ago or longer i was always running into subject matter thst wasnt mainstream or much talked about. And was in constant search for info knowlege speakers preachers or any means to answers and understanding. This last year or two theres been a massive wave of new information giving and talked about. Im on board with flatearth and Jesus. I cant get enough knowledge my soul thirst for it. I hope to see more people wake. Research. Question everything and be prepared because most things arent what we were taught growing up. Thanx. Ps. This is a great place to share with other awake and interresting peeps.

  2. I was looking into SH at the time, when FE videos began popping up in my suggestion feed. “That is just going WAY TO FAR!” I quietly murmured to myself. But, the videos kept appearing. A week later I watched my first video. Within minutes, all the scripture I had read in the bible, such as the four corners of the earth, Jesus being tempted when satan offered Him all the kingdoms of the earth… they all became literal truth. And in that moment, I gave my life back to Jesus. Praise God for His never-ending love for us.

  3. its been quite a journey, i have been researching for about 5 years now, like most started with 9/11 then beyond. i resisted this topic for over a year and literally thought it was a ploy to taint the truth & seekers of. much to my amazement the evidence was so clear and strait forward not to mention personally testable that reaching a conclusion almost took no effort. it weeded out and tied so many other truths together that it was like the final piece to a puzzle, at least cosmologically. it strengthened my faith in a creator and the unity of man. i am so grateful to have had the curiosity and the open mind to look into this most important truth, partial truth i must admit we still have so much to discover but the fundamentals are there. Also its great to see a site like this up and cant wait to start meeting fellow truth Seekers.

  4. Almost the same as yours! The Sandy Hook documentary blew my mind and I always had questions about the moon landing, growing up. Researching the moon landing hoax eventually opened my eyes to flatearth and then of course it ends up affecting the prior paradigm of life altogether. Ends up, at least for me, affecting all facets of my life.

  5. Ok so I have come across so much research and evidence for many ‘world’ issues that points to the ‘other’ dude at blame, and those that follow him…on the other side. This is becoming more evident in scriptures as well, so we must take notice. We must use our discernment and basic logic to put it all together, but looks like things unfolding before our eyes…the lord at our side, we will be protected and guided toward the truth. 911 was the opening of doors of truth….since then it’s apparent all global destructions have been systematically planned and controlled without God’s participation…again, rather…the other shenanigan, wink.

  6. I was researching Mars Curiosity Rover fakery on Youtube, but not what was fake about it. That was obvious. What was bugging me was why? Why would they go to all this trouble to fake a Mars mission? While I was poking around to get information. A video kept popping up in the relevant videos column called “Under the Dome” by LeisureX. I finally clicked on it, and it turned out to be a concatenation of Mark Sargent’s Flat Earth Clues. I watched the video, and rolled my eyes and snickered for about 5 minutes, and then I went “Wait…What??? After the video, and I thought for a day or so, and then boom! it hit me. This proves the existence of God. I have been studying the Bible since I was 8 years old. All of a sudden, all sorts of things began to make sense: the tower of Babel, Joshua stopping the sun, How Jesus Christ could see all the kingdoms of the world from a high mountain. It vindicated the Church on the trial of Galileo. So many things rushed into my head. Then I stopped and said, Whoa, slow down, I have to check this out for myself, before I get carried away. So I did my own flat water experiment between Golden Gardens in Ballard to Bainbridge Island with a pair of binoculars (after church on a Sunday, no less). Sure enough there was no curvature. Immediately, a profound sense of peace flowed over me. I was no longer on some mad carnival ride hurtling through an indifferent universe. I was standing in a place of perfect stillness – the earth that God created.

  7. Of course it’s laughable… One step for Jon Mann and one giant step for man KIND. I’ll be kind. It was the 60s tv, effects, technology and a lot of really far out and groovy training. By today’s standards yes…little space men at the Genesis of NASA. Satan would not survive on the moon while slithering or floating in anti gravity environment. God punished Satan at the garden. At mans heel forever more shall he slither as a snake in the grass. So yes the world is round. It’s a fact. However, all the pictures are flat. …lol I don’t think your crazy. I think conspirocy is something that is engaging and entertaining. I think you found yourself on on BORING street. Now the song and dance begins. Where one may build a wall, another may just become one. Either way, your opinion on the matter is but another brick in the wall.
    Thanks Jonn

  8. Great work you guys are doing here. I hope to see it grow like crazy. I also hope to be able to drag my fiance down that way to a meet up sometime in the near future. Keep em going, and we’ll get to one.

    My story can be found here
    Standing Ground Media

    Your brother in Christ

  9. I’ve been a truth seeker since 2006, but it took me about eleven years before I’d start investigating FE. For most of all that time I knew we’d never been to the moon (so many people I talk to see that now it amazes me). About the summer of 2015, on my early drive into work each morning, I would find myself on a road that I knew runs straight east and west… and I was watching the sun rise to the NORTH of east! I live near Seattle, so obviously, anyone who lives “above” the tropic of cancer should always see the sun to the south at all times of the year if the earth is a globe.

    At first I thought, the maps, GPS, it must all be wrong, the road couldn’t really be east-west. But then in the summer of 2017, while I was driving across North Dakota and Montana on the interstate, I noticed it again. There I was on a long, straight road that runs east and west for many miles, and I was watching the sun set to the north of west. From then on I kept my eye on it. Since then I have watched the sun rise and set to the north at all times of the year. The funny thing is though, at midday the sun would be in the south where it belonged… That completely confounded me. How could it be an elliptical path? Then I remembered the FE map I had seen with the north pole at the center several years before, and it all clicked: we don’t look straight east and west because they aren’t straight. A flat earth is the only thing I can imagine that fits my observations.

    That being said, I actually believe today that the earth is shaped more like a doughnut with a broad, flat surface on each side, and Symmes Hole at the north pole. The reason for this is because the shape is necessary to make it a toroidal field generator – the magnetic field that encapsulates the atmosphere. Everything we know is on our side of the doughnut. Maybe Admiral Byrd saw what’s on the other.

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