What are Your Favorite Sites/Channels?

There are many sources of information on the internet. Some are true and good, some are a waste of time. This is why we maintain a list of endorsed links. What are your favorite websites and YouTube channels? Please post a comment and tell us a bit about them. We’ll review your posts for possible endorsement and addition to our Links page.

4 thoughts on “What are Your Favorite Sites/Channels?

  1. I have been blessed to be lead to TRUE Biblical Teaching. On Facebook I follow Dean Odle Ministries https://m.facebook.com/Dean-Odle-Ministries-136809973021961/
    and I subscribe to Pastor Dean Odle’s Youtube channel, where you can find information about livestreamed Sunday Services and his Prophecy Quake podcast https://youtu.be/hIMIAdyWEIg

    Worship music: I highly recommend any of Lindell Cooley’s music – Faintly is one of many favorites. https://youtu.be/VsWAJz5ga60 and I also enjoy Paul Wilbur’s music – Nobody Like You. https://youtu.be/GwlMG1y2i2o

    I love Holy Spirit filled worship music and sound preaching.
    Dana ♡

  2. I like Dean Odle. He’s a good Bible scholar. I do disagree with his statements about the Catholic Church, but his Bible teachings are great.
    Some of my favorite Flat Earth youtube channels are:
    p-brane He’s a Christian Flat-earther. He does great analysis on the mechanics of the sun, and the behavior of sunlight. He also has a sunny disposition as he’s explaining all these scientific proofs to you.
    His “Timelapse of the Sun Proves Flat Earth” video was pretty much the nail in the coffin for me on the globe earth.
    I like Jeffrey Gruppe’s channel Zeteticism DotCom because he sticks very closely to observations. I don’t agree with all his conclusions but his research is great.
    I also like Rob Skiba. He is a great old Testament Scholar, but I’m not fond of his New Testament teachings.
    He is a great go-to on the Old Testament and I have his book, “Genesis and the Synchronized Biblically-Endorsed, Extra-Biblical Texts.” It’s a great reference.
    I also Like Phuket Word. He’s not a Christian, but he does some great objective flat earth research and observations in Thailand.

  3. Another great meetup and the newbies brought new subject matter making for such a interresting meetup. I have so msny people i follow so i will list a few this week. I have always followed steve quyale and thomas horn. They have countless bokks and they are in the feild doing theyre own investigating researchso your getting it firsthand from the soarses them selves. Also. Russ diznar is a x satanist whos been delieved from darkness. Hes works with all the victims of possession. And mk ulter mind controll victoms. I will shate more mext week. Again thank you for everyone whos joined and all future sttendes for everyone bring something. So i welcome anyone that love to learn share and be psrt of this new group.

  4. It was nice to see new people again. Also new interesting subject matter as well. Some of my favorites and suggested speakers Dave hodges. With the common sense show. Is always current. And. New interesting subjects.. Like crypto currency. Food prepperation. Buying metals for security. Spiritual warfare prepreation. Gary sternman. Has a show with great guests.
    I hope this attracts more like minded people . That have knowledge of open minded churches not preaching prosperity and candy coated sermons.
    We seem to be deep into revelations. And end off days and need to gather pray and prepare and be vigalent.
    Hope to see this group grow and come hungry Cruz memos food is fantastic for the price. Thanx. God bless

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