The Devil’s Deceptions

The devil can quote scripture all day long, spinning you in circles; quoting a bit from here and a bit from there. He can quickly make a real strong case to back up a specific teaching. It happens so quickly that it catches you by surprise. It can be confusing and extremely overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with God’s Word. A true student of the Bible must look at the full context of any given scripture and examine it fully in order to validate the truth.

We recently witnessed how easily this type of deception can creep in alongside true biblical teaching.

My wife and I signed up for a free two week Bible based seminar on end times prophecy. An annual event hosted by a local church. The written agenda to teach strictly from the Bible caught our attention. The first few nights they kept their promise and only quoted and taught from scripture. But, at the close of the third night they quickly slipped in a couple spiritual teachings and quotes from an unfamiliar author. We just so happened to recognize the authors written name as the creator and founder of their doctrine. Oh, it’s real innocent folks. They got us comfortable, gave us a few snacks and just slid it in. Right under our noses. At the end of the evening as we went to leave, they lovingly offered us a “free” book to ensure we were truly saved. They only asked that we read it before returning to the seminar the following week. And there it was! The doctrine of men. So, as we prepared to exit through the doorway, we politely said, “No, thank you!” and handed the “free” book back to the usher, and continued on our way. Needless to say, that was the end of the seminar for us. We abruptly left, shook the dust off our feet and agreed not to return.

Polluting God’s word is something we just cannot allow in our lives. It robs believers all over the world of a true relationship with Him. So, when we put on the full armour of God, stay in the Word and be continually filled with The Holy Spirit; just as Jesus calls us to, we can be rest assured that He will guide our steps and sound the alarms when smooth talking men try to insert and pervert our faith with their ungodly teachings.






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