Trumpets of Revelation

Revelation 8 talks about seven trumpets that will sound. Some people believe that all the signs discussed in Revelation, i.e. trumpets, viles, etc. will happen all in the space of some short period at the endĀ of time. Dean Odle tells us that the bible doesn’t say that at all and that he believes five out of seven trumpets have already sounded. In-fact the next trumpet will be hard to miss, because it will be World War III. See Dean’s compelling video,

2 thoughts on “Trumpets of Revelation

  1. I play the trumpet. It’s a beautiful instrument. If I hear one it’s likely coming from the likes of Chuck mangione or Herb Alpert. I highly doubt that the trumpets of Revelation. Will be heard by my ears. First, As it is written, not even Christ knows when that day will come. 2nd Christians will be like Elvis T the end of every concert…” left the building” This you’re rapture speaking…that being said over the passenger and intercom by the only pilot left…An Athiest…lol And finally Bitcoin smitnoin It fails more than the Devil. I am more of a Network marketing fellow myself. But seriously, it’s going to be a mark of the beast. Not a mark from a Beast. Again, I’ll have cashed out and taken residency in my father’s house. There are many rooms.Zo in closing…yes It’s a good thing to have fellowship with my brothers from mothers and sisters from misters, but remember like it or leave it…God gave us free will and the gift is what we do with it. I say I’m on board this fellow Ship, but my ticket is paid for a round trip while in this Earth. That my peeps is truth from my lips to God’s ears. Anything else is FLAT OUT good darn laugh. God Bless y’all and who knows just maybe it’s not a trumpet…maybe it’s a trump. Halleleiuiah! We have a new conspiracy. Let’s make America Chrisian again.

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