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The following was posted on Jon’s facebook on February 2, 2018.

The earth is flat, as described in the bible. All proof I have seen presented to affirm the global/heliocentric cosmology has been lies. I am excited about this revelation and I want to share it with everyone who knows me. My excitement is like when I first met my wife. You know how it is, when you first fall in love, you want to shout it from the roof tops. Though folks don’t really want to hear it, somehow that cloud-nine effect causes us to believe that people actually want to hear how in love we are. Well, that effect has me doing it again, so I am shouting from the roof tops, my recent metamorphosis, to anyone who is willing to spend a few minutes hearing.

My wife had been a “truther” for several years by the time the veil was lifted, which exposed the truth to me, in November of 2017. My story begins with both thanks and apology to my wife. For years I would reject, disregard and even mock her for her belief in conspiracies. That said, I came home from work one day and found her watching a video on flat earth. My first thought was, “Here we go, she’s gone off the deep-end now.” But you need to understand that I have been married to my wife for many years and over that time, as much as I hate to admit, she has proven me to be wrong and herself to be correct more often than not. So, I watched a video called “The Global Lie”. This is a video documentary by Robbie Davidson on his YouTube channel called “Celebrate Truth”.

Within one minute, I couldn’t believe I was actually hearing compelling evidence. I was intrigued, but definitely not on board. By the end of the video, I did, however, want to figure out how I could launch a high-altitude balloon with a GoPro and get proof for myself that I indeed still lived on a ball. I have to tell you, I was a bit rattled. “We must live on a ball”, I thought, “otherwise all my favorite Sci-Fi shows, like Star Trek and Star Wars are impossible fiction.” Knowing that they were indeed fiction, though hoping not impossible, my thoughts turned to non-fiction. “Well, what about the moon landings?” I asked. “What about the countless photographs of the Earth from the moon or from the ISS?”

I decided to take another look at the moon landing footage. When I did, I saw laughable spacemen, hopping and floating about, carelessly pulling doughnuts in their “moon-buggy” in the most dangerous place any person has ever been. I thought about the story that in 1961, we had never even been to space, JFK said we will put a man on the moon and we did so just eight years later. Yet, in nearly fifty years since, we have never been back. When I searched for answers on why that is, I found nonsense answers, like “too expensive” or “we lost the technology”. I now realized that the moon landing was a lie.

So, now that I see all this evidence of a massive lie, a giant concerted effort of deceit, an orchestra of lies involving the coordination of multiple individuals, organizations and governments, I was compelled to asked, “How and why would such a thing be?” Then my jaw dropped as I recalled an obscure little discussion I had as a child, with my grandmother, my mom’s mom. I always thought she was a bit off because she’d walk around praying out loud, constantly. Sometimes I thought she was babbling incoherently; I now think she was praying in tongues. She had a bible spread open on every table top in her house; a magnifying glass set atop. She made sure to stay in the word, though she couldn’t see well. She really made an effort. She was a real “bible nut”. It is perhaps profound that a person I thought to be a little bit strange might have brought me the most important information I ever have or ever will learn. She told me that Satan runs the world we live in. And now, as I see it all unfold before me, I can reason that, since he is the master of deceit then why wouldn’t the entire world be a lie.

In my moment of revelation, I saw Satan. Then I remembered Christ. Up to this moment, I had been given the exposure to Christ. I had thought I had done due diligence in accepting Him as my Lord and Savior. I’d been baptized. I was going through life, living in the world, with a “once saved, always saved” attitude. I was a drunkard, an idolater, a liar, an adulterer. I am not sure there was a commandment I did keep.

Now, I am truly born again, following this revelation of flat earth. My desire to engage in sinful behavior has been replaced with desire to share my faith in Jesus Christ as fact that has been revealed to me. I want everyone who knows me to have that same experience. For this reason, I developed a website devoted to sharing this information. The videos that solidified my belief can be accessed from the Links page. Scripture which affirms a flat, unmovable earth has been posted as blogs on the site. I encourage you to visit, leave a comment, and/or email me directly.

3 thoughts on “Jon’s Facebook Reveal

  1. Such intimate and vulnerable details of your life u have shared, what a brave move indeed! A true David and Goliath story unfolding with you. More power to you and your journeys! Hold strong through the disbelievers and the resistance!
    Ur Sister in Christ ✝️
    Nicole 🌺

  2. Great job. It is very important that we can share how we came to understand the facts about our home. Its great for ourselves, but it is even more important for those who’ve either been on the fence or never looked into it. Seeing other people show courage can bring courage to them too.

    Thank you Jon,
    Your brother in Christ

    Standing Ground Media

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